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React Forex Quotes Table

React Forex Quotes Table

This component show you selected or complete quotes of Forex pairs. In this first release I've used rest api. However I'll add more resource with socket choice. Before continue, you must signup with [] and get an API Key.

All source code and issues can be found at personal github page.


Add React Forex Quotes to your project:
    yarn add react-forex-quotes

To use Forex Quote, import it to your own component.
    import ForexQuotes from 'react-forex-quotes';


Before you use ForexQuotes, signup with 1Forge and receive your api key. Current release is supporting 1Forge only.

If you wish to display only selected symbols, enter them seperating with a comma between each symbols. You may choose refresh time by changing interval value.
Feel free to file an issue or open a pull request