Order Fulfillment

The all process of receiving, packing, and shipping an order to customers.

Customers can create the order using API or upload tool. Customer can add an Order Reference ID to track the order in their accounts. The upload CSV contains SKU and quantity.

When customer upload the order CSV file to the system, the application tries to process the order. If the ordered product is available in customer Warehouse, Pricing Group and Stock Group, the software tries to spare the stock. If all products processed, the order status will be Approved.

If the product is not in customer's group, the product name and price will not be shown in the order view. Customer can only access the product in its grouping. The order and ordered products are failing if the product does not exist in customer group.

In order view, if the product name and amount not existing, the system does not display this information. So the customer will understand that the SKU is not existing or can't access thos product. If the product information is shown but the quantity is less than requested , the order will fail.

The admin panel, you may filter and list all the orders. If an order failed, you may view the details.

You may update the ordered product and re-process the order from admin panel.

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