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Before to install

This documentation is for Glog library. This is primary library which integrates Gui and Api to log system. Therefore before to use Api service or Gui, make sure that you have successfully setup the library.

Glog is a Laravel Package. If you will log into database, be sure that your database settings has been updated on environment file (.env) .

Supported Databases

Glog supports MongoDB and mySQL. So if you've successfully setup Laravel with choosen database, you may modify Glog config to store logs in it.


To get started, use Composer to add the package to your project's dependencies:

    composer require gazatem/glog

Laravel 5.7 Installation Guide (includes 5.5 and newer versions)

If you're using a later version of Laravel 5.5, service provider will automatically get registered. For older versions you need to do it your self. Open config/logging.php and add following array item to configuration file:

    'glog'  => [
            'driver'  =>  'monolog',
            'handler'  =>  \Gazatem\Glog\Glog::class,

And later do not forget to modify stack and add glog to stack. That is first item of configuration:

    'stack'  => [
            'driver'  =>  'stack',
            'channels'  => ['single', 'glog'],

Laravel 5.4 and earlier versions Installation Guide

Open your config/app.php add following line in the providers array


Then in your bootstrap/app.php add / update your Monolog configuration.

    $app->configureMonologUsing(function ($monolog) {
        $monolog->pushHandler(new \Gazatem\Glog\Glog());

Mail Alert System

Additionally add the listener to your app/Providers/EventServiceProvider.php:

    \Gazatem\Glog\Events\MailLog::class  => [

Publish settings

Run following command to publish migration and configuration

    php  artisan  vendor:publish  --provider="Gazatem\Glog\GlogServiceProvider"


To create database tables, run migration:

    php  artisan  migrate

That's all now, now let's start to log the events.