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Kemal Yenilmez - Software Developer

My name is Kemal Yenilmez. I'm a software developer since 2006. My development life has been started at 1999 with writing small CGI applicatins with Perl. Till 2008, I was a fanboy of ASP and ASP.NET. Later on I've meet PHP and started to develop projects with CodeIgniter, FuelPHP and Laravel. In 2014, I've studied Java at Oracle Authorized Education Center.

Life is web for me. Therefore I'm very interested in many technologies to develop for web. Here are my interest areas on programming shortly:
  • PHP - because the un-offical language of web is PHP
  • JAVA - very impressive, love to code!
  • Bootstrap - simplest way to design the front
  • React / Redux - my playground
  • NodeJS - backyard of my playground

My social links:
Twitter | Linkedin | Xing

while playing a jazz blues song
Music and me!

I'm an amateur guitarist. My greatest hoppy with computering is to play guitar. My instruments are: Candy apple red Fender Stratocaster, Sigma Acoustic Guitar DR-41 and Fender Mustang Amp.

What is gazatem?
There is no meaning of gazatem. This just a type mistake. In 2000, I was planning to write an online news portal. In Turkish gazetem means my newspaperper but while buying domain name, I've typed as gazatem. So mistery begins with this fault. But I've started to code a newspapaper software and named as GNEWS. I've sold out so many different versions of Gnews in ASP, ASP.NET and PHP.