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Monitor your Laravel Application

Glog helps your team monitoring your application log. Glog works with Monolog to handle the logs.

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A Log Handler for Monolog and Laravel PHP Framework

Glog provides saving logs to database for websites built with Laravel. Package watches logs and saves only filters messages and alerts to record and/or send email alerts. You may save objects in Json and can create custom channels to organize them.


  • Log custom log alerts
  • Log custom channels based on message
  • E-Mail alerts for custom message and alerts
  • Log to database or an API
  • Able to work with custom Lon handlers

Start to log in a minute

Install with Composer

"gazatem/glog": "dev-master"

Simple usage, create custom message alerts without modifying your own files!

    Log::info('user.register', ['message' => 'New user Registered', 'id' => 23, 'name' => 'John Doe', 'email' => '[email protected]']);