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Single Platform

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Corvus is a completely open source code software

Dockerized Application

We allow companies to build and use our software freely on their own cloud.

Manage stock across multiple storehouses

Why warehouse inventory

warehouse inventory, as well as the difference between inventory management and inventory control, it's important to explore the different between a warehouse and store.

Build in custom features and addons

Inventory Management

The process of ordering, storing, and using a your all inventory.

Real-time inventory control

Reporting or query and analyze the stock and pricing in realtime

Order Fulfillment

The all process of receiving, packing, and shipping an order to customers.

Warehouse Transfer

Transfer stock between warehouses and manage pricing against to customer profile

Customer Portal

Your customers can manage their catalog and create orders.

API Gateway

Open your platform to third party solutions and allow companies to integrate with you

Pricing Management

Plan your products dynamically updating pricing based on location and customer group

Data Import Tools

Import your product inventory, price list and stock count dynamically in realtime

Reporting Service

RReporting engine allows your customers and your staff realtime inventory information

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