Laravel framework powers the CMS

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework. While developing CMS, we have used Laravel hence it's the the most popular PHP framework and have a great popularity on developers.

Powerful Control Panel

CMS is easy to use thanks to a powerful online control panel. The admin interface automates most of things and left your time to populate your website.

Open source code

CMS is developed under MIT license. This means that completely free to use for both personal and commercial websites. Donations are welcome!

Easy To Learn

Software generates pages with database content and formats the design. You may focus on your content management rather than markup the HTML pages.

publish your site
very quick and very easy

Do you want to build websites faster and easier

CMS provides you very quick and easy help starting point publishing a website. Software offers more flexibility to web developers and solves the complexity of web publishing for web editors.

Templates and modules

You can install different themes and add custom modules to your web pages. You can extend your site features adding modules, widgets, themes and custom code. Built-in SEO component for content increases your website popularity in search engines .

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