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Log monitoring service as SAAS

if you wish to handle your logs and report them on a third party system, is supporting glog as a SAAS.

visit for more information

Before to install

This documentation is for Glog library. This is primary library which integrates Gui and Api to log system. Therefore before to use Api service or Gui, make sure that you have successfully setup the library.

Glog is a Laravel Package. If you will log into database, be sure that your database settings has been updated on environment file (.env) .

run composer install or composer update after entering following line into your composer.json

    "gazatem/glog": "dev-master"

And run following command - Don't forget to dump composer autoload

    composer update

If you are using Laravel 5.6 do not need to add GlogServiceProvider to app.php

Add the service provider to your config/app.php file


Publish the configuration file(s)

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Gazatem\Glog\GlogServiceProvider" 

Additionally add the listener to your app/Providers/EventServiceProvider.php:

        \Gazatem\Glog\Events\MailLog::class => [
If you will log into database, run following command to create database table. This table will hold logs:

    php artisan migrate

Then in your bootstrap/app.php add / update your Monolog configiuration.

    $app->configureMonologUsing(function ($monolog) {
        $monolog->pushHandler(new \Gazatem\Glog\Glog());
Open config/glog.php file and update the settings. For more information, please read usage documantation.

System Requirements

A web site built with Laravel 5.4